What Do We Do?

We help elite athletes tell their story so that youth players can use their advice to get to the next level.

Why We’re Different

Often as athletes, we are given advice by coaches, teachers, and parents that we try to listen to. It doesn’t always make sense and we think: they just don’t understand what its like.

With the Athlete’s Guide, there is access to personal stories of athletes that are from the same age group and have had the same problems. Through their stories, The Athlete’s Guide brings you the information to get to the next level.


Who We’ve Worked With

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Our Story

We started as a group of ex-athletes that were fed up with the ways young athletes could find information and advice on how to improve their game and make it to the college level. Every guy with a blog claimed they had the secret and they would get you recruited; as long as you paid for it.

For us, we just want to put information out there that can actually help athletes, everything from balancing school and sport to overcoming being a backup, and who better is it to tell it than the athletes we all admire?