Gurley or Le’veon? Or maybe AB……

Funny enough, it seems like in one year people are forgetting another very important name in that conversation.

David Johnson.

And for you guys trying to get that D1 scholarship, he’s actually the guy you should be looking at! Using the word under-recruited isn’t really fair with Johnson either.

It was more like un-recruited.

Coming from small-town Iowa, its somewhat expected not to get national attention. But still, you’d think the future all-pro would at least have an offer from one of the in-state powers.

Fortunately for Northern Iowa, he didn’t get anything.

So how did this stud go from a no-name in Clinton Iowa to the guy who everyone wants on their team?

High School: Clinton High School (Clinton, IA)

Position: Running Back, Wide Receiver, Corner

Height: 6’1

Weight: 180 Lbs

Recruiting Ranking: 0 Stars

Well, it definitely wasn’t because he couldn’t produce in high school.

Setting a school record with 42 total touchdowns, Johnson led the team to deep playoff runs in each of his four seasons for the varsity team. Playing all over the field, Johnson was even invited to Iowa’s Shrine Bowl, where the best players in the state can showcase their talent.

But here was the problem: colleges couldn’t figure out what position he played.

As a result of his talent, Johnson played wide receiver, running back, a little corner, and returned kicks. Most schools love talent, but Johnson wasn’t given the same appreciation.

Moving back and forth between wide receiver and running back at camps, Johnson just didn’t know the right fit. Shouldn’t being able to catch the ball and run it be to his advantage?

But he didn’t give up.

Not even after Iowa State misspelled his name at a camp (Johnston) and the University of Iowa told him they had no room for him. Discouraging yes, but all it takes is one.

And that one, was the University of Northern Iowa.

Not exactly a flashy name, and probably best known for its basketball program, but they were still D1 and that was all that mattered. They also had sent a few guys to the league, so Johnson figured this was as good of an opportunity as any.

Boy did that turn out well.

Even after a redshirt, Johnson went on to set the school record in rushing yards, rushing touchdowns, most importantly: All-Purpose Yards.

As a third-round draft pick by the Arizona Cardinals, everyone knows the rest of the story right?

The point here is, don’t let anyone put you in a box or tell you there is only one position you can play. Versatility always shows, and teams will find you if you can ball, no matter where you are on the field.

So if I didn’t convince you to draft Johnson with your #1 fantasy pick, at least use his experience to find your one opportunity to play college ball.