Stadium: Husky Stadium (Seattle, WA)

Opened: 1920

Capacity: 70,000

Featuring what might be the coolest view in college football is University of Washington’s Husky Stadium. From the right angle (like this one above) you can see the skyline of downtown Seattle, and also Mount Rainier towering nearly 70 miles in the distance.

What is Husky Stadium known for?

Birthplace of the Wave”

This one’s a little controversial, as it’s been disputed by other sports fans. But it’s still a cool story connected to Husky Stadium. Washington fans are credited with originating, or at least making popular, the “wave” in college football. During a 1981 home game against Stanford, the crowd tried doing a “vertical wave,” but it didn’t work. Fans started yelling to try it sideways, and the rest is history.


You’ve heard of tailgating being an important part of college football, but Washington has a unique edge over everybody. Because Husky Stadium sits along the water, fans are able to drive their boats essentially alongside the field to “sailgate” before games.

Remember Me?

Corey Dillon, Running Back (Years at Washington: 1996)

At Washington, Dillon set the school record for single-season rushing yards (1,695) in 1996. Later that year, he helped the Huskies win the Holiday Bowl with 5 total touchdowns. As a pro, Dillon set an NFL record for rushing yards in a game (only broken twice since) with the Cincinnati Bengals, and later won a Super Bowl with the Patriots.

Warren Moon, Quarterback (1975-1977)

Moon did not always post the most impressive or flashy stats, but he still is one of the greatest QBs in Washington U history. After several sub-.500 seasons, Moon led Washington to a Rose Bowl at the end of the 1977 season and was MVP of that game. He surprisingly went undrafted out of UW, but still went on to play 23 seasons of pro football. After a stint with the CFL’s Edmonton Eskimos, he got to the NFL and played with mainly the Houston Oilers.

Nate Robinson, Defensive Back (2002-2005)

Everyone knows Robinson for his decade-long NBA career which included 3 NBA Slam Dunk Contest victories. But not everyone knows he was also on the football team while at UW. He spent time as a defensive back, and also returned kicks during his freshman year. He would choose to focus on basketball, and who could blame him?

Did You Know?

Its capacity may throw you off, but Husky Stadium’s design helps make it one of the loudest in college football. Almost ¾ of the seats in the stadium sit alongside the total 100 yards of field, which mean much of the crowd noise stays low and echoes inside.

Why Should You Commit Here?

You get to play each year for Pac-12 contention in one of the most scenic and unique settings in football. Both Downtown Seattle and the mountains are only a drive away from you. Not to mention, Husky Stadium is the largest in the Pacific Northwest, and with one of the best home-field advantages, too.