Location: Long Beach, CA

League: Moore

Record (2006-2016): 108-35

There is no other team that represents LA high school football more than Long Beach Poly. With Snoop Dog and current NFL Players constantly on the sideline, they fit the swag of the area perfectly.

But Poly is much more than that. The boys can play.

Boasting the most NFL players from any high school in the country, it’s not hard to see why. Every year, the program sends at least 5 new players to D1 programs, where many of the PAC-12 teams have multiple Poly alumni as starters.

Although the team has had some ups and downs over the years in terms of record, there is no team in California that is ever excited to play the Jack Rabbits. Known for their tough style of play, their coaching staff seems to get the most out of every player they are given.

Now, with multiple stars gracing their roster, the program is looking for a National Championship this year. Playing an extremely difficult out of conference schedule, if Poly can stay unbeaten, they just might do it.

Notable Recruits:

  • DeSean Jackson ’05 (Cal)
  • Willie McGinest ’90 (USC)
  • Marcedes Lewis ’01 (UCLA)
  • Juju Smith-Schuster ’14 (USC)
  • Winston Justice ‘01 (USC)

Best Season:

2007 barely beats out 2008.


Finishing in the top-10 nationally and second in California, there really wasn’t anyone who could stand up against the Jack Rabbits. Although 2008 boasts an almost identical record, there is something that makes that 2007 team legendary in Poly history, as people still talk about it around campus.

Why We Chose Them:


The sheer amount of talent that is produced by a school that doesn’t have a deeper area to recruit from than other LA programs, is amazing on its own. Honestly, if I had a son that was looking to play college football, there would not be another school I would choose for him to go to.

For a few years, the program seemed to stumble with lack luster records, but now with a Super Bowl winning coach in Antonio Pierce at the helm, they are back on their feet. Not only that, but they may have their best years ahead of them.

With another group of studs competing to fill the school record books as we speak, this might be their best year ever.