Location: Mission Viejo, California

League: South Coast

Record (2007-2017): 124-17-1

For the most part, California football is run by private schools.

But in every area, there seems to be one team that goes against the norm and puts on for the public schools. In SoCal, the team that has done it for the last two decades is Mission Viejo.

From NFL players to high school heroes, Mission has won in so many different ways. With the air raid under Mark Sanchez and Allen Bridgeford, to the staunch defense that was ranked number one in the nation for consecutive years.

But there has been one constant, Head Coach Bob Johnson.

Working with a mix of transfers and homegrown kids, Coach Johnson built a team that will continually perform by hiring the best staff in the game. Almost every position coach is a former NFL player, all there to learn from Coach.

Notable Recruits:

  • Mark Sanchez ’04 (USC)
  • Chane Moline ’05 (UCLA)
  • Konrad Reuland ’15 (Notre Dame)
  • Max Redfield ’13 (Notre Dame)
  • Jahleel Pinner ’12 (USC)

Best Season:


A lot of people will want to point back to the days of Sanchez, but for our purposes, we are going to stay in the last decade. That being said, the 2015 team was untouchable. Going undefeated and finishing ranked 10th in the nation, there isn’t really much to debate there.

Plus, this wasn’t even the most talent-heavy senior class of all time. Every player just knew their job and trusted in the coaching staff to put them in the right position.

That’s when high school football is truly special.

Why We Chose Them:

I touched on this earlier, but playing in California as a public school is extremely difficult. Without the ability to truly recruit, you have to wait to see who comes to you.

Also, Coach Johnson will go down as one of the greatest high school football coaches of all time. Recently retiring, every great alum came back to pay tribute to the man who built them up.

Now, everyone is watching to see if the Diablo dominance can live on.