Location: Montclair, New Jersey

League: North Jersey Super – Liberty Blue

Record (2007-2017): 97-30

When talkin’ Jersey football, there are so many great squads we could have started with. And to be honest, they are all deserving of some acclaim in their own way.

Jersey football is just that good.

But the team who stood out to me the most was the Montclair Mounties.

No, they don’t have an undefeated record in the last decade or a few national championships in their trophy case. But don’t get me wrong, this team plays hard and is feared across the Tri-State area.

Part of it is tradition as well. Coach John Fiore has brought a toughness to the program that has seen winning records and many of their athletes being recruited, but they didn’t just pop up in the last decade.

If you go around the Montclair area and ask about the legacy of the program, you’re sure to have a few dozen alum stand up and tell you about the 50’s or 60’s and all of the State championships.

Simply put, this program is special.

Notable Recruits:

  • David Tyree ’99 (Syracuse)
  • Julian Pinnix-Odrick ’12 (Rutgers)
  • Darius Slade ’14 (Ohio State)

Best Season:


With a flawless season, there really isn’t an argument here. Yes, they went undefeated in other years, but in the ’13 season they won state in their division and finished the highest they have ever been nationally ranked.

Also, this group didn’t have any 4 or 5 star talent prospects, so hats off to the coaching staff.

Just don’t tell any of the old alums who we picked……

Why We Chose Them:

I’ll be honest. I have a soft spot for public schools that stand up to the Goliath private schools with endless cash pools and recruit kids from hours away.

But really what makes Montclair special is the community that surrounds the program. Not only are they an elite program, but on a Friday night in the Fall, you won’t find many people not watching the Mounties clean up the opposition.

So for that reason, I tip my cap to Montclair High School.