Location: Fairfax, Virginia

League: Washington Catholic

Record (2006-2016): 261-72

In high school athletics, your reputation is everything. Not every single game is televised, so your play has to be so good that it carries through word of mouth all over the state and country.

That word of mouth is also good for something else: recruiting.

Quickly becoming women’s basketball’s next super team, Paul VI has done it in less than a decade. Now, every single year you can expect to see top-flight talent on the court, with more sitting on the bench waiting to get their opportunity to shine.

A lot of this you can contribute to their outstanding coach, Scott Allen, but the administration also gets the nod for being willing to help find recruits outside of just the DMV.

Notable Recruits:

  • Mikayla Vaughn ’17 (Notre Dame)
  • Amira Collins ’18 (Tennessee)
  • Ashley Owusu ’19 (Maryland)
  • Raven James ’16 (Villanova)

Best Season:


When you only lose one game and finish ranked 5th nationally, it’s pretty hard to disagree with that. I know there might be some haters from the 16-17 year, that might say they were better, but losing to the same team twice was the deal breaker.

Going on to win the state title and absolutely dominate their league, I think at the very least, we can all agree the 15-16 team was amazing. Led by Raven James, the team averaged double their opponents’ offense.

Now that is just ridiculous.

Why We Chose Them:

Girl’s high school basketball has really become fun over the last decade, thanks to the prominence of college and NBA. One of the teams that have contributed to this is the Paul VI program.

They not only are built on strong recruiting, but they find girls who actually want to be challenged. Watching what Scott Allen can do with a young woman in only a few years, is really amazing when you see the finished product.

From top to bottom, this is a program every young woman should want to play for.