High School: St. John’s Jesuit (Toledo, OH)

Class: 2018

Position: Offensive Guard

When did you first develop a passion for football?

Growing up, I played other sports but I always remember being the most passionate about football. I specifically remember my first game in 4th grade because I was so fired up and couldn’t wait to get on the field. I actually started as a quarterback, but either way, I loved the game no matter where I was on the field. 

Dream School:

I originally was a Michigan fan, but during my recruitment, I have just looked for the best opportunity for me.

Favorite College Football Player:

I don’t really have a specific player, I love watching everyone. Typically, I have 2-3 games on at all times with multiple screens set up.

Pregame Routine:

I try to keep my days similar. Not leaving campus after class, I find a place to take a big nap and then get a great meal with my teammates before starting to tape up. Then, right before we hit the field, I love to play the song Kill Cause I’m Hungry to get focused in that last minute.

Greatest High School Game:

Last year, while playing our rival St. Francis, our whole line completely dominated them. With multiple drives of 15-16 plays, we ran the ball on every play with ease. 

What is the Statistic or Achievement You Are Most Proud Of?

As a line last year, our running back ran for over 2,000 yards. That was a great group achievement as our group worked together to reach that goal.

What is the Best Coaching Advice You Have Ever Received?

Stay hungry in the weight room. It’s the process that makes you great, not the game.

What is the One Thing You Want College Coaches to Know About You?

I put in everything I have, no matter what it is. I am the type of guy that will run until I puke, then run some more. 

Austin Beier | Phenom

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