The reign of the King is over in The Land, but the roster is far from a full rebuild. Kevin Love just inked a new contract to be their centerpiece and flashy new draftee, Colin Sexton, is sure to electrify the team with his skill set.

But word on the street is, there is one more piece the team has made a priority to lock up long term…..

Larry Nance Jr.

As a player who has had to play in high drama situations every season he’s been in the league, first with Kobe’s retirement and now with Lebron, the guy has put on an absolute show. Many of you know his dunking abilities, but his defense and shooting are what the Cavs really can’t let go.

But actually, this is the first time Nance is being fairly recognized for his talents. For a guy who had to fight as an underdog since high school recruitment, how did he end up here?

High School: Revere High School (Akron, OH)

Position: Forward

Height: 6’7

Weight: 195 Lbs

Recruiting Ranking: 0 Stars

The weirdest part about this story is Nance’s lineage.

Ever wondered why there is a Jr. on the end of his name? His dad knew a thing or two about playing ball as well…….

Anyways, even with a father in the NBA, Nance still couldn’t get any help. Coming into high school as a 5’11 point guard, Nance was relegated to the second team and barely saw the floor.

As a sophomore, things weren’t much better. Moving onto the JV team, he didn’t even see the floor. Lethargic and lacking the motivation to play, Nance Jr. thought about giving up the game entirely.

He just couldn’t quite figure out why he couldn’t follow in his family’s footsteps.

But then, with one medical test, he found out what was going on.

Larry had Crohn’s disease, a disease that leaves its victims without any energy and with painful stomach ulcers.

After getting an infusion of medicine, one that he still needs today, everything started to click.

Quickly growing and gaining his energy back, Nance started to become the player everyone originally thought he was destined to be.

By senior year, Nance was 6’7 and the starting center leading his team. But he was still overlooked, not even on recruiters radars.

Sound familiar for some of y’all?

But like many of you, he stayed focused, letting his grind do the talking. Eventually, the University of Wyoming came calling, offering him one of his only major scholarships.

After arriving on campus, Nance continued to grow, while leading his team for 4 years and eventually to an NCAA tournament bid.

Then, with the 27th overall pick in the 2015 draft by the Los Angeles Lakers.

I’m sure you know the rest of the story, but just remember, all it takes is one moment to take your career to the next level. If you stay patient and committed to the grind, people will take notice!