Location: Tyrone, Georgia

Conference: AAAA Region 5

Record (2006-2016): 122-22-1

Georgia. One of the hotbeds for football talent in the USA and where many of the top college football players are produced. And with Sandy Creek, the talent and performance level is no different. A 3-time state champion, the program consistently battles the top programs in the country and comes out on top. Not only does the school produce great teams, Sandy Creek is also famous for developing a slew of NFL-caliber players.

Overall, Sandy Creek is not always pointed at when analysts look for the top program in the Peach State, but they always push themselves into the discussion. Although they have fallen short a few times in the playoffs, the 3 state titles validate them as an elite program and push them onto the national scene.

Now, the largest challenge for Sandy Creek is making sure they can maintain their success after head coach Chip Walker has left for another opportunity. If the program can continue to dominate, this will prove that they are a program that can transcend generations.

Notable Recruits:

  • Calvin Johnson ’05 (Georgia Tech)
  • Andrew Gardner ’04 (Georgia Tech)
  • Kedric Golston ’03 (Georgia)
  • Rajion Neal ’10 (Tennessee)
  • Eric Swinney ’15 (Ole Miss)

Best Season:

Although their 2010 team was unstoppable and won the state championship, 2012 comes out just ahead. In this season, the program finished undefeated and routed their opponent in the title game 45-10. Not only did the seniors win their third state championship in 4 years, but the recruiting class touted some of the best players in the state.

Why We Chose Them:

In the state of Georgia, it is often difficult to just choose one elite program, as the state championships usually involve sidelines that look like an All-American game. But for us, Sandy Creek set themselves apart in the way they approach recruiting. Not only do they have the big names like Calvin Johnson and Andrew Gardner, they are committed to getting their players into smaller schools and D1 AA programs as well.

The commitment to the whole team, not just a few players, is something that cannot be said for every team.