Location: Shawnee, Oklahoma

League: 5A District 1 – Class 5A

Record (2008-2018): 213-82

Man, you just have to love that baseball season is here. For any of you in colder climates, this means not having to fall over on some hidden patch of ice and a reason to finally get out of the house.

For us here at The AG, baseball season brings one of the best times of the year, especially since we get to cover some of the best high school programs in the country.

And to start us off, why not start with Midwest powerhouse, Shawnee High School out of Oklahoma.

For people who have never heard of this program, or don’t know much about Oklahoma baseball, we should probably start with the fact that they didn’t lose a game last year….

No, not even in the playoffs. Yet, somehow they finished outside the top 25 rankings.

So how does this happen? How do you put together back-to-back-to-back state championships with a roster that is always changing and kids moving around?

Shawnee baseball has long set a precedent that it doesn’t matter who is on the roster, they are going to come in and beat you. Of course, this mentality comes directly from the coaching staff, led by Todd Boyer.

And with 5 seasons in a row with 28+ wins, I wouldn’t bet on stopping them anytime soon.

Notable Recruits:

  • Elijah Davis ’17 (Kansas)
  • Josh Rolette ’15 (Kansas State)
  • Jake Taylor ’17 (Oklahoma State)

Best Season:

This might be the first time I’ve written about an undisputed best season. You just can’t beat 40-0.

Not only did the team go undefeated in 2017 and win the state title, they embarrassed every other team in the state while doing it. In my opinion, they should have at least had a shot at the National Title. I know it is hard to compare between states, but going undefeated is incredibly difficult at any level.

Why We Chose Them:

The program is obviously phenomenal, but their fans are on another level. I’ve always heard about Oklahoma football, but they have some dedicated supporters at every game.

Also, Coach Boyer really seems intent on getting his boys to college, not just MLB Draft or bust. This is extremely important to focus on the whole team, and it seems like every Big 12 roster has a Shawnee player as a result.

Caps off to you, Shawnee Baseball.