High School: Centennial High School (Peoria, AZ)

Class: 2018

Position: Running Back

When did you first develop a passion for football?

It all started around 6 years old for me. We didn’t really have much to do where I was from, so I just went to the park and developed a passion for the game with friends. I actually didn’t start organized football until 7th grade, so to start off, it was all about the park.

Dream School:

I don’t really have one. I just want to fulfill my dream of playing in college.

Favorite College Football Player:

Jameis Winston when he was at Florida State

Pregame Routine:

I just want to listen to the fastest music possible. Usually, I throw on something like EDM where I can get lost in the music and vibe off the beat.

Greatest High School Game:

It has to be our first round of my Junior season playoffs. We played Desert Edge HS who we had lost to earlier in the preseason, so it was a really big game for us. We ended up coming back to beat them, eventually winning 21-7. I felt great after because I scored all 3 touchdowns.

What is the Stat You Are Most Proud Of?

It’s not really a stat, but I can squat 600 lbs. I may be a bit smaller, but I’m still a power back.

What is the Best Coaching Advice You Have Ever Received?

Be respectful to everyone you run into. Treat the janitor as if he was a CEO.

What is the One Thing You Want College Coaches to Know About You?

I lead by example. I’m not the most verbal person but I can lead through how I play and go about my work.

Zidane Thomas | Phenom

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