Brilliant Defensive Backs Coach – Corey Sanders

Corey Sanders has been the assistant head defensive backs coach at Western Michigan for two years. This is the man’s second career team after several years as a coach for athletes at the University of West Florida.

The athlete has terrific experience and more than an eleven-year career in the field. Including nearly four years as a division head trainer. The accomplishments of his charges say more than dates. And here, the students have not let the coach down. In 2016, Sanders’ charges shot to an eleventh-place ranking in the United States.

The Agronauts’ front four were particularly notable. Throughout the tournament, they performed well against the run and lifted the team to the fiftieth spot in the nation.

At his previous job, the coach was also remembered for his good preparation of defenders and especially the front four. The University of West Florida finished the first season with a 5-6 record. Fans haven’t seen anything like that in the last ten years. For the season, they reached a total of sixteen interceptions and five returns.

A star trainer brings up star kids. A good example is the story of Trent Archie. He was named Defensive Rookie of the Year. And a few weeks later, he received second-team All-Super Region 2 honors.

Sanders’ first professional job was with the St. Joseph’s College team, where the man majored in business administration. Majoring in mass communication has come in handy in life and it’s noticeable throughout his career.

In 2010, Corey became an assistant defensive backs trainer and in 2011, he took over as supervisor.

In a few years at the helm, he has pulled the squad’s overall results to unprecedented heights. At the Great Lakes Valley Conference, his charges went 24-19 with a 15-8 record in games played. The very next season, his students took their record to 6-5, snapping a losing streak that had lasted since 2006!

Past in Student sports

Practice shows that to be a good coach you have to be a great athlete. Corey had a similar experience. In his youth, while still in college, he was captain three times and a member of the Great Lakes Football Conference team four times.

He played for the Cougars, the team he coached after that. In 2005, he won the Most Valuable Defensive Player award and helped the club win championships two seasons in a row.
In all, the man played in forty-four games during his career, finishing with a total of two hundred and forty interceptions. Throughout college history, Sanders ranked fifth all-time. Only slightly behind the people ahead of him!