History of McKenzie Meehan about Small Details in Soccer

Many novice players focus on the technical and physical components of their game. This works up to a point and gives them a big advantage over their opponents. Stamina, reaction, and ball handling techniques make ordinary people good footballers.

But as you progress through your career and into the top divisions, the problem of a lack of mental preparation becomes apparent. This article quotes McKenzie Meehan, a well-known soccer player. Let’s hear it!

The last minutes of a game is the most difficult for every soccer player. After all, the body is tired, the brain is out of focus, and small details fall out of sight. What helps athletes gather their strength and perform better in these moments? Mental toughness and concentration on details!

At the age of six, together with my sister, we only enjoyed the game and did not think about the future and self-development. We made our first formed team in high school. With Scorpions Soccer Club our thoughts came to order and we realized the importance of all components.

Ahead of us was college admission, which made me stop playing soccer for a while. But after much deliberation, conversations with coaches I knew, and some nostalgia for the process, my sister and I made the decision to go to Boston College. The local team was one of the best and the educational institution offered all the perks of participating in college sports.

McKenzie still had two years left before she applied, so she decided to spend them wisely. “Good physical fitness helped me run longer and faster than the rest of the class, and team play was always a strength of the technique. But it wasn’t until I accepted the importance of psychology and attention to small objects that real prospects opened up.”

McKenzie was named Rhode Island High School Player of the Year. “The award convinced me that I had chosen the right path and gave me the strength to move on. It also gave me the opportunity to be invited to a national U-18 camp.

Nerves and doubts were left behind when I saw the level of play that the college girls and boys showed.”

Each Job Is Appreciated

Then over the next few years, in every practice and every game I played, I proved to my coaches and teammates what I was worth. The burden was on my shoulders every day.

But as an attacker, I knew that my main goal was to score goals and lead the team. I have to pay attention to the small details and always be in the middle of the process to get results!