Setting Aims Rules from Dorance Armstrong

Many people think they know how to set goals and make fatal mistakes. It doesn’t matter if it’s a career, sports, or studies, the wrong goals lead to the wrong results. Dorance Armstrong, a famous soccer player, shared his secret to achieving results.

According to him, setting a goal is only the first step in sports planning. You need to additionally work through the obstacles and difficulties that may come your way. This way of thinking is difficult to get free. It requires a certain mindset and a deeper understanding of what’s going on.

Armstrong has been practicing this approach since Leadership Camp after he finished his first course. There, during the class, they were offered an interesting assignment: to write out a couple of achievements that they would like to see in their lives. Each reader wouldn’t have a problem with that either. But the second part of the class required them to come up with an obstacle to each of the above tasks.

In Armstrong’s case, it was all focused solely on soccer and sports themes. He wanted to become the Big 12’s leader in sacks and become a true team captain. But what’s to stop him from achieving his dreams?
When earning sacks, a hindrance will be the play of your opponents and their potential reactions.

How will they react to your attack and what can you do to get to the end of the field? And in becoming a worthy captain the only obstacle for Armstrong will be his own modesty and character.

The difference between the two approaches to planning for the future in the sport should now become apparent to readers. In order to achieve each of these desires, it is necessary to cope with the difficulty blocking the way. According to the athlete, the knowledge he gained helped him throughout his later career.

Circumstances and obstacles constantly blocked the final line. First weight gain, then researching a new program, joining a new team, and so on. Step by step Armstrong saw progress.

There are also many people who make the same mistake here. Overcoming difficulties they think they have conquered all the peaks. But in career, sports, and life in general, one difficulty follows another and circumstances change themselves at an unforeseen rate.

Finding enough energy to constantly meet new criteria is not easy. Armstrong states that there are two sources of his motivation.

The first is the desire to support his family and inspire his younger brother. To compensate his parents in full for the hardships they overcame to raise their son. The second reason is to be better than the sports competitors.

The drive and excitement push you forward, making you better! What’s your motivation?